Undercover Innovations Radiator Filler Panels

Covers area between Header panel and Radiator Support to force more air into the radiator and hide ugly front of radiator

They look great, but that's not all they do.

    They were originally designed to combat overheating problems in first-gen Camaros. By effectively blocking off the air that would normally pass over the top of the core support, they force more cooling air into the radiator. When idling the hot air rises and can pass back over the core support to the front of the radiator re-circulating hot air. So not only do they LOOK COOL, but they KEEP YOU COOL too!

    These panels are easy to install. You just remove the two hood stops, then bow the panel slightly to slip it under the header panel. Line up the holes and re-install the hood stops. THAT'S IT!

All panels are available with the hood latch hole or without.