Expansion Modules - Sensors - Cruise Control - ect


Dash Light Dimmer (VHX and VFD dashes won't Dim without this switch)


Retained ACC Power w/ Auto Headlight & Dome Light Control


Universal Gear Shift Sending Unit


Electronic Programmable Fan Controller 70 Amp


Cruise Control for Electronic Speedometers


OBD II / CAN Interface


Pressure Module


Fluid Temperature Module


Voltage/ Current Module


EGT, Head Temperature Module


Wideband Air/ Fuel Module


Air Temperature Module


Compass With Outside Temperature Module


Air Ride Bag Pressure Module


0-300 psi Pressure Sender for BIM-03-2 / BIM-19-2


0-100 psi Fuel Pressure Sensor for BIM-03-2


30Hg / 80 psi Vacuum / Boost Sender for BIM-03-2


0-2000 psi NOS Pressure Sender for BIM-03-2