Expansion Modules - Sensors - Cruise Control - Ect


Dash Light Dimmer (VHX and VFD dashes won't Dim without this switch)


Universal Gear Shift Sending Unit


Electronic Programmable Fan Controller 70 Amp


Cruise Control for Electronic Speedometers


OBD II / CAN Interface


Pressure Module


Fluid Temperature Module


Voltage/ Current Module


EGT, Head Temperature Module


Wideband Air/ Fuel Module


Air Temperature Module


Compass With Outside Temperature Module


Air Ride Bag Pressure Module


0-300 psi Pressure Sender for BIM-03-2 / BIM-19-2


0-100 psi Fuel Pressure Sensor for BIM-03-2


30Hg / 80 psi Vacuum / Boost Sender for BIM-03-2


0-2000 psi NOS Pressure Sender for BIM-03-2