Is it possible to put my vehicles odometer reading on the Dakota Digital gauges or do I have to start at zero miles? I looked at the installation instructions but could not find how to set the odometer.

Some Dakota Digital gauges come from the factory at zero miles unless you specify that you want the odometer set. Dakota Digital can set the odometer on our digital gauges to a specific mileage reading. It must be done at the factory and there is a $20 charge (Plus return shipping) for this service. If you do not specify that you want your odometer preset then it will be shipped from the factory at zero miles.
HDX, VHX, VFD3 and RET Series gauges and certain motorcycle products now allow for user programmable mileage to be set one (1) time during the initial setup before 100 miles. If this is not done or set incorrectly the control box will need to be returned for service and a $20 service charge will apply.