What should I do for a Neutral Safety Switch

While many "Retrofit Columns" come complete with a neutral safety switch, "Street Rod Columns" do not.  A transmission mounted neutral safety switch is the easiest alternative.  If that is not possible, a column mounted switch is also available.

To add a neutral safety switch to an ididit inc column follow these simple steps:

1.     The switch must be attached to the column.  Some machining is required and must be done by ididit inc.  Installing your own neutral safety switch in the column will void any warranty.

2.     We need to know where the neutral safety switch is to be installed

a.  The switch must be installed below the wiring slot.

b.  We need to know the distance from the top outer housing of the column, as well as a position on a clock face for rotation.  Be sure that this is done as though you were sitting in the vehicle (3 o'clock is towards the passenger)

(Standard labor charges will be applied)