AFX Front Spindle Kit - TALL SPINDLE

ATS 30001 F
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Now Standard with Corvette ZR1 Hub Assemblies!

GM muscle cars are known for having poor geometry from the factory. They rode relatively smooth and did well in straight line drag race situtaions, but high speed cornering was less of a consideration in their designs. With today's technology, correcting these issues with control arms helps but is only part of the equation. Speedtech and ATS have taken an entirely new approach to improving the less than optimal factory suspensions of the A, F, X, G and B body platforms by scratch designing the focal point of the steering and suspension geometry, the front spindle.

Both ATS Tall and Standard Height spindles drop ride height 1" for a more aggressive stance and lower center of gravity. Relocated steering arm mounting points custom designed for each individual vehicle improve akerman and bring bump steer numbers down to nearly zero. Advantages of the 2013 ZR1 hub include a sealed maintenance free, heavy duty, large bearing pack which offers a stronger load capacity and can handle the abuse of street and track driving. The ATS spindle and ZR1 hub combination do not alter factory track width or bolt pattern allowing standard wheel fitment. Brake mounting is based on the C5/C6 Corvette and accepts factory Corvette brakes or packages from multiple manufacturers, including Baer, Wilwood, and others.


AFX Spindle Features include:

  • Direct bolt-on spindle replacement for A-F-X and G body vehicles.
  • Forged from ultra lightweight, exceptionally strong 7075 T73 (Tall) or 6061 T6 (Standard)aluminum.
  • Revised bolt-on steering arm location improves bump steer.
  • Tall spindle improves negative camber gain under suspension load.
  • One inch ride height drop for lowered look.
  • Uses sealed ZR1 Corvette hub assembly.
  • Brake Mounting Bosses for C5/C6 Corvette factory or aftermarket brakes kits.
  • Does not push track width outward allowing standard wheel usage.
  • Utilizes custom redeisnged steering arm.
  • Pricing is per pair.

Speedtech/ ATS Tall Spindles are power forged and then heat treated from ultra strong, lightweight 7075 T73 aircraft spec aluminum and then precision machined on a CNC 5 axis mill. The tall profile radically improves the vehicle's handling characteristics by transforming camber gain during suspension travel. This suspension geometry gain aids in keeping the maximum tire footprint on the ground during hard cornering. AFX tall spindles are designed for those who demand the most out of their car's handling performance both on the street and at the track.


Speedtech/ ATS Standard Height Spindles are power forged and precision CNC machined from strong and lightweight 6061 T6 Aircraft spec aluminum. While the standard height spindle does not affect the camber geometry already in place, it still lowers the vehicle 1", improves bump steer and works in conjunction with the Guldstrand mod on 67-69 Camaros. These are great for a car that sees mainly street driving and an occasional track day.



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