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This will only fit a Firebird with a Chevy Motor!

First introduced at the SEMA show of 2004, this 67'-69' Firebird Rack & Pinion Kit is the answer to your 1967-1969 Firebird steering needs. It is the first power rack that has been made to match the stock steering geometry.

The Rack & Pinion that comes with this kit, is a highly modified GM rack & pinion: it has been internally shortened, reducing the width of the ball centers. By narrowing these pivot points, the rack & pinion pivots in the same position as the upper and lower control arms of stock Camaro, replicating the dimensions of the stock steering and resulting in precision rack & pinion steering with very little bump steer!

Better yet, the installation of the 67'-69' Firebird Rack & Pinion kit is a breeze! This is a bolt on kit, no welding or chassis modification required. The rack & pinion comes mounted to its own unique bracket that mounts to the bottom two control arm bolts on the rear of the cross member. To install, simply remove the existing bolts and replace with the provided longer bolts, bolting the rack up into position. Then unbolt the stock steering arms and replace them with new steering arms provided, and attached the provided outer tie-rod ends, that is all that the kit consists off.

Everything is included, the uniquely modified power rack & pinion, attached to the bolt on bracket, mounting hardware, new steering arms and outer tie-rod ends, banjo fittings for the rack, and installation instruction sheet.

The 67'-69' Firebird Rack & Pinion kit works with both big block and small block engines. As for steering linkage; there is enough room to run a section of shaft and two u-joints, or if necessary, three u-joints with a support bearing, depending on the headers. Unisteer can also supply you with these components, all of the necessary size U-Joints and sections of DD shaft are available.

In addition if you are using a stock column, Unisteer has created a Column Flange Adaptor, unbolt your rag joint at the end of your stock column, use two bolts to bolt Unisteer's Column Flange Adaptor to the bottom of the column, this adaptor provides a spline size 48 count spline, to which a U-joint can easily be attached.

In regards to the pump, the factory power steering pump on the Firebird will work but will require new lines. If you do not have a pump, we recommend using a pump that was intended for use on a car with a rack & pinion, thus avoiding super sensitive steering. This kind of pump should be a low flow and low pressure pump. Though not required, Unisteer recommends the use of its own C-5 TC pumps. These GM pumps are brand new, Unisteer tests them and internally sets the correct flow and pressure for the optimal steering experience; the ease and assist of power steering yet still there is still road feel.

The 67'-69' Power Firebird Rack & Pinion kit is recommended for street use. This kit comes standard in black powder coat, but is also available in chrome. The 67'-69' Power Rack & Pinion kit also comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, if the rack fails, send it back according to Unisteer's warranty policy.

For Drag Racers and such, Unisteer also offers a manual rack & pinion kit, which uses Unisteers own manual rack & pinion. Again this manual Firebird rack & pinion kit is not intended for street use, however it is appealing for racers, it drops the power drain of a power steering pump, and saves up to 65 lbs, or more over the original stock steering box, center link, and tie rod ends.


  • LENGTH: 44"
  • TRAVEL: 5"
  • THREAD: 14mm x 1.5
  • SPLINE: 17mm-DD
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