Retained ACC Power w/ Auto Headlight & Dome Light Control

Dakota Digital
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  • Description

Turns Headlights on and off Automatically like newer cars!

Dome Light Fade off with selectable time delay

Retains Power in the car to run the radio, ect with selectable time limit - Turns off when you open the door!

Auto Voltage sensing, will turn off if your Batt voltage drops too low!



Combining three very popular functions, the new Dakota Digital PAC-1300 offers automatic headlight control, dome light control, and retained accessory power! Similar to some features found in several new production vehicles, the PAC-1300 will activate the vehicle’s headlights in low ambient light conditions and turn off the headlights as those conditions are increased to a safe level. This new revolutionary unit will leave the headlights on for a user selectable time as the vehicle is exited to safely light your path.


The PAC-1300 also contains a user selectable time delay on the dome light after closing a door, or turning off the key. Instead of abruptly turning on and off, the PAC-1300 adds a smooth fade on and off operation to your existing dome light. The PAC-1300 also keeps your vehicle’s accessories active until a door is opened after the ignition key has been turned off! The PAC-1300 provides up to 20 minutes of “key off” operation, giving the user complete control of the power windows, radio, or any other vehicle accessory.


Also included is a unique voltage monitoring system. This function will shut down the vehicle’s lights and accessories if a lower than normal voltage condition is seen, keeping the battery charged for starting the engine.